The Alliance store offers items that can be purchased using your honor points.  Items become avaliable after a R5 or R4 alliance members buy them from the item list using the alliance points avaliable.

Alliance Store


Item Cost
5 Minute Speedup 3,000 1 Hour Speedup 30,000
8 Hour Speedup 190,000 Random Teleport 100,000
Advanced Teleport 400,000 Lvl 1 Soldier Recruitment 40,000
4,000 Copper 8,000 6 Dragon Coins 24,000
100 VIP Points 30,000 50 Stamina 20,000
March Recall 10,000 Gather Bonus 120,000
8 Hour Peace Shield 100,000 12 Hour Attack Bonus 50,000
Lord Rename 40,000 12 Hour Defence Bonus 50,000
Move Building 100,000 Reset Lord Skills 200,000
Change Appearance 80,000

Note: It costs the same amount to unlock the items as it does to purchase them.

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