Chariots are trained in the Siege Engine Factory(aka Chariot Plant). They all have decent Defence and HP. They also move very slowly and have very high load.

There are two types of Chariots.

Siege Engines: I,III,V,VII,VIII,X. These chariots generally have slightly higher Defence but slightly lower HP. They attack slower but have much higher attack and much longer range. They gain increased attack during Sieges; i.e.Attacking someone's castle.

Farmers: II,IV,Vi,IX These chariots are melee and have low attack. They are unsuitable to use for war. Instead, you can use them to farm in resource plots(Assuming no one attacks them) as they have higher load. If you do use them in war, however, they gain more Defence during Sieges.

I Bricole 20/15/9

II Assault Cart 8/

III Mangonel 38/

IV Battering Ram

V Heavy Mangonel 64/

VI Demolisher

VII Trebuchet 98/

VIII Heavy Trebuchet

IX Siege Tower

X Mighty Trebuchet 164/

XI Fearless Catapult