Faithfull (FTL) is an Alliance that currently has 48 members. The leader is IanTheFirst. Faithfull are a hardworking alliance with requirements of a level 6 Castle and at least 5000 Power to join.

Members Edit

Leader (R5)

  • IanTheFirst

Co-Leader (R4)

  • pramonoajin57
  • GoTs
  • sefcoo15
  • tejasmshajan 1339
  • vanloggerenbergpieter
  • IanTheSecond

General (R3)

  • paddy44
  • Empire08f9e647
  • shiva 2
  • hossein.tabrizi93
  • jermakapearson7, 1

Soldier (R2)

  • Everyone Else!

New Lord (R1)

  • Nobody

Fort Edit

Fort 1 : K:647 X:504 Y:510

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