Game Updates Edit


The Playoff for the Dragon Campaign

Alliance Building Upgrade System

-Alliance Fort, Depot and Turret can now be upgraded

Advanced Military Science is now available

The Lost Campsite

-There will be some Lv. 1-2 Lost Campsites in low Grade Resources Zone


-The Ancient Battlefield will start on Thursday instead of Sunday


Palace of Dragon Words -Upgrade your castle to Lv. 14 to unlock the Palace of Dragon Words——Obtain the mysterious power from them -You can obtain Dragon Grapheme Stones from Princess Secret Order, Killing monsters of Lv. 11 or higher and participating in some related events -Use different combinations of Dragon Grapheme Stones to activate different Dragon Words -Dragon Words contain the magic power of dragons, which will bring you powerful bonuses

Warm-up of Kingdom Conquest -Start the warm-up of Kingdom Conquest in Kingdom 1-1350 -When the Battle for the Throne begins in the neighboring Kingdoms, you can join battle with the Lords in your Kingdom -You can only move to their Black Belt, but you can attack and plunder the Lords there, even occupy their Palace -When the battle is over, all the Lords that participated will be sent back to their own Kingdoms, then end the Kingdom Conquest Event -Please note, when the Battle for the Throne starts in your own Kingdom, you may also be invaded by the Lords from your neighboring Kingdoms

Princess secret order -Princess secret order is a series of special quests provided by the Princess -There will be some different kinds of quests for you to choose according to your castle’s level -Complete the the Princess secret order in the limited time to obtain the rewards -Princess secret order will guide the newbie players how to develop their castles

Lv. 43 equipment is now available -To forge Lv. 43 equipment will consume a new item of you -You can obtain the item shard through Princess secret order, and synthesize them to obtain the item -The special item for Lv. 43 equipment is a Golden item, so you have a chance to lift the quality when forging a low quality equipment of Lv. 43 -This feature will be available when version 2.0.18 is released for iOS

Attributes Lock for Dragonglass -You can lock an attribute on your Dragonglass, and keep it when purifying it, just changing the numerical value of it -The purifying price will be a little higher after locking attributes -This feature will be available when version 2.0.18 is released for iOS

Important Update -Slay the Dragon Event is now available, please view the details in Event Center -Russian Doll Event is now available, please view the details in Event Center -The battle report recorded can be shared directly to Facebook or Weibo  -The Skills Bumper Harvest, Red Envelope, Locating and Kingdom Peace Shield are now available in the Hall of the King

Others -You can use the item Monkey King's Trial to obtain some rewards directly -The item from Mother’s Day will be invalid next week, please use it as soon as possible -Solved the problem that you won’t receive the notification when being rallied -In the preparation stage of the Daily Event, you are available to check the Strongest Lord from last time


Alliance Positions are now available -Add Mars, HR officer, Tutor and Diplomat to alliance position -The leader can appoint an alliance member to become the official -Alliance Positions have no buff or reward -This is honor, this is duty

Prestige level for Market is now available -You can send your Safe Food and Safe Wood to your allies with a prestige level 1 Market -The sender and the receiver need to have joined the alliance 72 hours in advance -The receiver needs a level 24 Market

Optimized the Hall of the King -You can obtain the Kingdom Contribution when you donate Silver -You can redeem some goods with Kingdom Contribution, only available for version 2.0.17 -Optimized the interface of Hall of the King

Preset Talent is now available -The Lords with SVIP 4 and higher are now able to preset two Talents, and switch them as they want -Switching Talent will consume some Gold -This feature will be available when version 2.0.17 is released for iOS

Record your battle report now available -You can use the archive button to record your battle report as a picture in your Photos

Others -Added two Lord images -The Prestige Badge will be removed from the Store, and the castles higher than 29 can obtain the Prestige Badges in the daily active chests -You will receive a mail when using a Peace Shield or when it conclude -Dragon Campaign is now available for Kingdom 1-1300 -Ancient Battlefield is now available for Kingdom 1-1400


Hello, Strangers Event has begun -You have the chance to receive Life Blessing when gathering or collecting resources -Use Life Blessing to obtain lots of rewards and also have the chance to obtain Envelopes -Use Envelope to send mail in Mail Box -Please go to the Event Center to view the details about the Envelope

Optimized the Hall of the King -Make more Internal Affairs Skills available: Destroy Order, Rapid Reinforcement, Queen's Asylum and Troops Prohibition Order -Make more Disrupt Furtively selections available: Monitor and Curse -Optimized the main interface of the Hall of the King

Trade Caravan has reached here -The Northern Chamber of Commerce will come here to trade with players -With the castle level getting higher, the daily trade times will be increased -The player whose castle level is 29 or higher has the chance to obtain Prestige Badge from Trade Caravan

Others -The daily maximum times of digging Alliance Treasure has been increased to 8 -Added a limitation in the Workshop when you accelerate to make materials -Optimized the match rules for Dragon Campaign -Added a limitation for daily using times of Super Rally -Added a brief explanation of soldiers in soldiers training interface -Added a brief explanation of the talent classification in Lord Talent interface -Fixed the problem that sometimes the Get & Use Button of using the Peace Shield cannot work correctly


The Hall of the King is now available -You can enter the Hall of the King through the Embassy or Kingdom Map -You have the chance to obtain Silver, use it in the Hall of the King -All the Lords are able to donate or steal the Silver of your kingdom -The King and the Prime Minister are able to use the Silver to activate Kingdom Policy -All the Lords in the kingdom will enjoy different buffs with different Kingdom Policy  -All the Lords are able to use Silver to do something subversive, which will bring the officials some debuffs if succeed

Optimized the Formation function -If maximum March Size decreased, the troops in Formation will decrease proportionally -The data of Formation will be stored in the server, so it won’t lost any more

Optimized the Dragon Campaign -If you occupy a building by your own, you will get 15 points instead of 20 -If your alliance occupies a building, every member will get 1 point every 10 minutes -Dragon Campaign is available for Kingdom 1-1200

Adjusted the Alliance Treasure -Increased the rewards when digging the treasure -Decreased the rewards when helping your alliance members dig the treasure -You can dig the treasure 6 times per day instead of 5 times

Adjusted the SVIP rights -Added special chatting bubbles for SVIP Lords -Increased the training speed after SVIP 6 -Increased the speed of making materials after SVIP 4 -Increased the Troop Load of SVIP 1-SVIP 10

Others -The Water-Sprinkling Festival Event has begun, please view the details in the mail -The princess has more tips to share with you -Added the Dragon-glass’s attributes in User Info interface -In the Wishing Well interface, you can tap on the times left to use Blessing directly -Decreased the target points of daily event: Killing Monsters Event -When you use Speedups, the Special one will be available to choose at first


Important updates -Added new Lord Avatars: Oda nobunaga and Nohime -Easter Event has begun, please view the details in your event mail -Alliance Turrets and Catapult will show how many soldiers were killed by them

Alliance Treasure Event has begun -You can mine Alliance Treasure for a lot of rewards during the event -You cannot receive any rewards if no one helps you -Assisting other Lords in mining Alliance Treasure can also receive a lot of rewards

Optimized the Monster system -Added monsters in level 22-30 -You have a chance to get resource chests when you kill a monster of any level -You have a higher chance to get resource chests when you kill a monster of higher level

Super Rally is available -SVIP10 players are available to set a Super Rally -In a Super Rally, the buffs of all the members are the same with the initiator -War Horns will be consumed when setting a Super Rally

Others -When your castle is being attacked, you can ask for help in the Battle Situation interface -Optimized the Customer Service System, you can choose a specific classification when sending an issue -Higher level Watch Towers are available to scout the enemy’s rallied soldiers -Increased the attack of Alliance Turrets and Catapult -Added new options: View Setting after Marching. If you open it, your view will be switched to the target after marching -Added a new right for SVIP: Increase City Defense automatically -The Treasure function has been changed from Tavern to the Brotherhood


Important updates -Added special wings for castles in prestige level 3 to 5 -Optimized Customer Service System, and you can choose a specific classification when you want to send an issue -Changed new background music for Inner City and Kingdom Map, and added a background music in login interface

Maslenitsa Event -During the Maslenitsa Event, the Land of Trials in the Tavern will be available -In the Land of Trials, our Lords stand for Light to defeat Darkness -You have the chance to get the Golden Blin which stand for the sun in the Land of Trials -The Golden Blin will bring you some surprise!

Others -Optimized the windows popped up in the game -In Dragon Campaign, if you break your Peace Shield by battle action, you will get a CD time and  -You will know how much resources will be received when using resources chests -In Kingdom Map, when an alliance flag overlapped with a castle, the flag will be hidden -Added a Detail Button in the Science interface, you can click on it to view the details of the sciences -SVIP will have more available slots when making materials -Since Spring is coming, the snow in Kingdom Map has melted -Fixed the wrong display of the Wall Defense -Fixed that you could not wish in some special situations -Fixed that the Watch Tower would not warn you when Dark Knight was marching to attack your castle -Fixed that the Equipment Substitute could not display correctly in some special situations


The Magpie Event has begun -You will have a chance to obtain Magpie when gathering on the Kingdom Map -You will have a chance to obtain Magpie when collecting resources in your city -Use Magpie to obtain lots of rewards

Others -You can make Green materials besides White materials in Workshop now, and the time taken is as four times as before -Fixed the wrong display of Official Positions in Ancient Battlefield -Fixed the problem that you cannot scroll down in Lord Info interface -Ancient Battlefield is available for 1-1250


Happy Spring Festival -Spring Festival is a traditional festival of China, Clash of Kings Game Studio wishes you a happy holiday -During the Spring Festival Event, the UI is specialized, and we will start Spring Festival Series Events -Spring Festival Series Events include: Monkey King’s Treasure, Chest Special, Feed the little monkey and Challenge the Monkey King -Spring Festival Event will begin on 3rd February, please stay tuned! -Added Castle Skin: Dragon Castle and Immortal Dragon Castle, you can buy Skin Packs to obtain them

Permanent Castle Skin is available -Use permanent Castle Skin Item, you will receive an corresponding Skin permanently -You can switch your castle skin to original one or the new one as to whichever you want -You can obtain this 2016 Permanent Immortal Dragon Castle Skin by purchasing packages, and this package won’t be sold anymore after Spring Festival Event

Added White&Black List -When your alliance are having war with the alliances in White List, you won't receive any notification -When the alliances in Black List attack you, you will receive rolled notifications -You can unlock this function by researching the corresponding Science -The White List Science is in the third rank of your Alliance Science, and the Black List Science is in the fifth rank of your Alliance Science

Others -Dragon Campaign are available for Kingdom 1-1000 -Added more attributes showing in Lord Info -Science Power displayed in College -When the pictures are downloading, the progress will display on the world map -Improved some rights and attributes of low level SVIP -The snow in your city melt individually since Spring is coming


The Alibaba Event has Begun -You have the chance to obtain Robber’s Treasure when gathering resources in the Kingdom Map, killing monsters, collecting resources in your city and wishing - Exchange Robber’s Treasure for items you need in Event Center

Others -The resources obtained from canceling building upgrade are composed of Safe Resource and Ordinary Resource -The ratio of returned Safe Resource and Ordinary Resource is the same as the ratio when upgrading


New SVIP mechanism has begun -After you reach VIP level 10, you can continue using the VIP Points to upgrade your VIP position to SVIP -After you become SVIP level 1, you need to use SVIP Points to upgrade SVIP level -SVIP Lords can get SVIP Points through daily rewards and buying SVIP Points from the Store -SVIP include all the rights of VIP10 and more -The Higher SVIP level will provide you with more rights and make you more powerful -Lords with SVIP could use SVIP card to activate SVIP. VIP card can also be used to activate SVIP, but the activating time is shorter

Alliance Saga  - This is a global Alliance activity - Alliance members work together to complete a tasks to win points - All the members will receive a reward when reach the target points - All Kingdoms of each league will compete to win the award rankings

New Equipment Technology - After researching can greatly improve the forging speed in the workshop - After researching can greatly improve the Trevi steel Gets - You can research Science to make your Equipment and Dragonglass more powerful

Alliance Treasure Event has begun - You can mine Alliance Treasure for a lot of rewards during the event - Assisting other Lords mining Alliance Treasure can also receive a lot of rewards

Alliance Optimization - In order to protect your Alliance privacy, the Leader can remove some rights of R1 and R2 members - The alliance Leader can recommend a Science, which means other members should research this first - Optimized war record, duplicate record merge into one war - Show alliance online players' numbers in Alliance Member interface - The Items in the Alliance store Item List will now display the current amount available in the Alliance Store

Australia Day event begins - You will receive Koala Toys when gathering outside and in your Castle - Use the Koala Toy to get rewards -There is a chance of obtaining a chest and a key - Use the key to open the chest and receive lots of rewards

Other - If you break your Peace Shield by attacking or scouting, you will get a Peace Shield CD time - Added a function, which allows you to choose between Troops and Castle when they are overlapping - Dragon Campaign is now available up to Kingdom 1000  - Chat message menu changes to long press - Removed the "Invite Players" Button in Brotherhood


Added a new NPC -- The Princess is coming - The King sends the Princess to help Lords - The Princess will teach Lords how to develop their Castle - You may click the Princess to interact with her

Equipment Synthesizing - Use four Equipment Substitutes of the same level and same quality to get a higher level Equipment Substitute - Use four equipment’s of same level and same quality to get a higher level Equipment - Equipment and Equipment Substitutes are substituted for each other - Put Equipment Substitute in level 35 and level 40 in the Store

Grab Red Envelopes Event has began - You will get Red Enveloped by purchasing some of the packages - You can use Red Envelopes to give out gold in the Kingdom Chat and Alliance Chat - All the Lords in the Chat can grab the Red Envelope - The Lords who successfully grab the Red Envelope will receive some gold

The Three Kings Event has begun - You can get Shoes while gathering - You can get Water by wishing - Synthesize Shoes and Water to get Three Kings Gifts  - You will receive valuable rewards by using the Three Kings Gifts

Others - Optimized the user experiences when using Speedups - Added a function to view Purchase Records in the Store - Added new attributes details in the Lord info interface - When changing the rank of Alliance members, they will receive a mail - You can check a Lord’s info while inviting him to your alliance - Improved the graphics of the recharge interface  - Added a confirm mail function when you want to buy packages - Added a ceiling to the number of Blessings that can be used


The Winter Land of Trials Event has begun -The Land of Trials Event will start again -Added winter feature in the Land of Trials -Added new monsters in the Land of Trials -Greatly increased the rewards in the Land of Trials

Others -Advanced Christmas Customization can be bought from the Store now -New Technology will be available soon -Dragon Campaign will be available in Kingdom 1-900


The Christmas Event has begun -Added Christmas Castle Customization. You can change your Castle's appearance in the Kingdom Map -Santa Claus is coming to this snowy continent, bearing Christmas presents -Send troops to visit Santa Claus to receive Christmas gifts -The same Santa Claus will not give you gifts repeatedly. Try visiting a different one. -Each Santa Claus carries limited gifts. He will leave after delivering all gifts in hand.

Yeti Event has begun -The Yeti will appear in the Kingdom Map -Kill Yetis to receive their Horns -Use Yeti's Horn to obtain lots of rewards

New Dragonglass System is available - Five new kinds of Dragonglass with better attributes are coming! - Refine system is available. Refine Dragonglass to reset some of the attributes - Reset system is available. After resetting, all Crystals used to obtain Dragonglass will be returned

Others - Greatly increased the Crystal rewards in the Ancient Battlefield - Greatly increased the Crystal rewards in the Dragon Campaign - Added a new language - Ukrainian - Optimized the login interface during maintenance - Added a limitation for the number of uses for blessing items


Winter is Approaching -Winter scene is available -The login interface will have Christmas feature

Thanksgiving Event has begun -Kill monsters in the Kingdom Map to receive Turkeys. -Use Turkeys to receive valuable rewards

Optimized the Ancient Battlefield -Optimized the rules for using Random Teleports -You can now reinforce Alliance Members in the Ancient Battlefield -Optimized the display of stage tasks -Optimized the Battlefield experience

Optimized the Battle for the Throne -Adjusted the Kings reappointment rule. Now the King who changed his/her Alliance can no longer be reappointed. -Optimized the default marching troops when you send reinforcements to the Palace and Catapults

Others -Adjusted the buff rules. Buffs will not start counting the cooling time until it is used -Optimized the Castle Customization system. Now you can preview the Castle Customization. -You can now view Lords' info in the Alliance Members interface -When you cancel the rally, the troops sent to the rally initiator will be back in time -Optimized the appearance of Material Chests -Move the city information button to the side of the resource buildings in your Castle


Kimchi Event has begun (iOS included) - Gather resources in the Kingdom Map to receive Unfermented Kimchi - Collect resources in your Castle to receive a Jar - Synthesize unfermented Kimchi and Jar to obtain Kimchi - Use Kimchi to receive many rewards

Level 40 Equipment is Available (iOS included) - 18 pieces of level 40 equipment are available now - The higher the level, the better attributes the equipment will have (under the same quality) - More equipment will be available soon

Added Scout Mark Feature (Android only) - Added Scout Mark on Castles. You can quickly check which Castles you have already scouted.

Optimized Battle for the Throne - Details of the troops who occupy the Palace will be visible to all members of the Alliance -Lords who are participating in the battle for the throne cannot use a peace shield - Optimized the display of rallies and reinforcements to the Palace - Optimized the default marching troops when you send reinforcements to the Palace

Optimized Friend System - Added a button at the top right of the chat interface - You can now add friends by searching their Lord names - Your Facebook friends who are playing COK will be visible

Others - Added a new Alliance Banner - Optimized the Castle Customization list - Lords with Castle level 5 or lower cannot chat in the Kingdom Chat (iOS included) - Fixed the cavalry charge damage bonus display error in the Lord info interface - Fixed the glitch of the overlap of Castles and Alliance Buildings - Fixed the crash issue when viewing marching troops' details - Fixed the crash issue of the event interface and recharge interface - Fixed the overlap of resource amount in the upgrading building interface and the resource names in Arabic


Land of Trials has been opened - You can enter the Land of Trials from the Tavern, the first time everyday is free. - By killing monsters you may obtain a Trial Scroll. Consume one to enter the Land of Trials. - In the Land of Trials, you can attack by connecting attack icons. - The more attack icons connected, the higher the damage inflicted. - You will receive a lot of reward when monsters are killed.

The Diwali Event has begun - Oil Lamps can be collected when you gather resources in the Kingdom Map. - Use Oil Lamps to receive rewards.

Others - Optimized the recharge interface - Optimized the the Lucky Wheel and the Blacksmith tutorial. - Optimized the poster when you apply to join an Alliance. - Added night lighting effects at the House of Brotherhood and the Dock. - Avatar will be automatically updated. - Merged Dark Knight mails. - Added Persian language in Alliance Languages. - Fixed the crash issue when binding accounts. - Fixed the crash issue when loading. - Optimized framework and memory usage to reduce crash issues.


~ More Prestige Buildings Prestige can now be applied to Blacksmith, Wishing Well, Turrets, Market, Hall of War and Embassy. 

Upgrade the Prestige of a Building to improve its functions.

More Buildings progressively being opened to Prestige Level upgrades.

~The Guy Fawkes Event has begun.

Obtain Pyrotechnics when gathering at Resource Points in the Kingdom Map 

Use Pyrotechnics to obtain lots of rewards

~ "Koschei the Immortal" Event has begun

Chance to obtain Magic Chest when harvesting resource fields in the Castle and wishing in the Wishing Well 

Open the Magic Chest to obtain rewards and a chance to also obtain Koschei's Needle.

Rally against Koschei the Immortal to obtain a normal Gift Pack.

Using Koschei's Needle to destroy Koschei the Immortal will earn a Deluxe Pack.

Each successful slaying of Koschei the Immortal will use up 1 of Koschei's Needles.

Each player may obtain up to 5 of Koschei's Needles each day

~ Others New function -Share Lucky Chests in the Chat

Optimized the Event Center interface

Event materials can be  synthesized in bulk

Advanced Pumpkin Castle customization may be purchased in the store

Adjustment to the healing speed of wounded troops in the Ancient Battlefield

Fixed: Bug showing 0 troops attacking Castle

Fixed: Server information shown erroneously when viewing another Lord's profile

Fixed: Erroneous display of Prestige Levels in Alliance Help


More Prestige Buildings are available Added Prestige Level for Walls, Depot, Military Tent, Hospital and Drill Grounds The higher the Prestige Level, the higher your ranking in the Castle Level Ranking More Building Prestige Levels will come soon

The Halloween Event has begun Added Halloween features in login interface Added Halloween features in the main interface Added Halloween Castle Customization, you can change the outside appearance of your Castle in the Kingdom Map Kill Pumpkin Monsters in the Kingdom Map to obtain Evil Pumpkins Collect resources to obtain Candy Feed the Candy to the Evil Pumpkins, and you will obtain Happy Pumpkins Use Happy Pumpkins to receive vast amounts of rewards

Alliance Optimization Lower the requirement for creating a new Alliance Added soldier reinforcement records in the Embassy

Others Click the information bar below the marching troops to quickly select the marching destination Optimized the display of the Battle Report mail Optimized the way of collecting materials in the Workshop Castles lower than Level 6 cannot collect rewards sent to all players The Iron Knight event is over Increased the personal rewards in the Ancient Battlefield


The Building Prestige Level is Available - The Wonder is now available after your castle reaches level 30 - Once you have a Wonder, you can upgrade your castle's Prestige Level - Castle Prestige Level 1 allows you to have exclusive effects in the kingdom map - Now we provide the Prestige Level for Castle, Wonder, Farm, Sawmill, Iron Mine and Mithril Mine - Prestige Level for more buildings will be gradually added

The Lost Weapons Event has begun - Gather resources in the World to get Lost Weapons - Collect resources in Castle to recover Lost Weapons - Use Lost Weapons to receive vast amounts of rewards

Friend System is available - You can add other Lords as friends in their Lord Info - The friend list can be viewed at the House of Brotherhood - More features are coming soon

Important Updates - Remaining resource points will be quickly cleared in the Kingdom Map - Added translation error correction system

Others - Added more chests for completing*multiple quests - Added corner marks for discounted items in Store - Optimized performance of chat system - Optimized Equipment Disassemble Interface - You can now use stamina items even if your stamina is full - Added new game language - Persian -Updated the background music when you are in the Castle or Kingdom Map


The Asterix event has begun: - Asterix is a symbol of French Culture - Attack monsters to receive magic potions - Use magic potions to receive valuable rewards 

Added new Alliance Technology:  - Add "Storage Experts" in the second and third layer of Alliance Technology.  - After studying this technology, the daily storage limit in the Alliance Depot will be increased - More new technologies are on the way. 

Important Optimization: - Complete multiple quests to earn chests  -The protected food in the Depot will not be consumed by troops.  - The shortest rally time in the Ancient Battlefield is now 1 minute 

Others: - Optimized the Mail interface - Optimized the Lord Rename interface  - Optimized the Chat system and Mail system 


The Mid-autumn Festival Event has begun - The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in most Asian countries. People will gather together on this day, and pray for peace and happiness for their families. - A chance of receiving moon cakes in the Wishing Well. - A chance of receiving Chinese knotting by collecting resources in the Castle. - Use moon cakes and Chinese knotting to randomly obtain various rewards and treasure maps - Dig up treasure according to the treasure maps to win valuable rewards

The Oktoberfest event has begun - You will receive Water by killing monsters - You will receive Wheat from resource points - Synthesize Water and Wheat to get Black Beer - Use Black Beer to receive a lot of rewards.

Optimized Equipment System - Equipment Substitute Chest Level 1 and Level 30 are now on sale - 100% refund of materials when you disassemble your equipment - Optimized the equipment interface

Other optimization - You can now set an accurate quantity when storing and retrieving resources in the Alliance Depot. - The Newbie Teleport now moves your Castle to a random location in the specified Kingdom - Extended the resource protection time after entering a Kingdom - Batch receive mails is available


The Harvest Time 3 event has begun  - The gathering speed in the Kingdom map has increased by 50% - There is a chance of receiving bonus resource items while gathering resources - The amount of resources in each resource point is increased by 100% - When you wish in the Wishing well, you will get 20% more resources - The resource production rate in the Castle will be increased by 50%

Optimized Equipment System - You can now share the message in the Alliance channel when you have forged some high-quality equipment - Tips will come up if you are trying to forge an equipment that has a higher level than your Lord level

Blacksmith Forging History - Display advanced equipment forging records of alliance members. - Display advanced material fusing records of alliance members. - Display Alliance members' Wishing Well records when they get steel multiply several times - Sharing records can be closed in Settings - Options.

Others - Optimized the appearance of Castle level 30 and the King's Castle. - When using the resource boost items, income capacity of the resource buildings will also be doubled - You will see recommended Alliances if you shake your device in the Alliance interface - Optimized the formation function. It can be customized even when troops are insufficient. - Optimized the display of the research status in the college


The Attack Guardians Event has begun -Powerful monsters-Guardians will appear in the kingdom map during the event - To attack Infernos, you have to rally at least 3 alliance members. - You will receive some rewards by attacking the monsters. - A Demon Chest will be sent to you after the monster is killed. All your alliance members will also receive a gift.

Numerical Optimization - Substantially increased the income of resource buildings in the Castle - Substantially increased the capacity of senior resource buildings. - Substantially increased the bonus for resource income technology. - Improved the effects of resource income for those with the VIP privilege.

Avatar Upload Optimization - Your custom avatar can be seen before it is approved. - Increased the interval between uploading avatar. - You can now report others' avatar. - Using illegal avatars will be punished.

Material Fuse Optimization - Same materials can be quickly fused now. - You can quickly jump to the workshop to produce or purchase materials.

Adjusted Alliance Shop -Added the double income items for 4 resources -Added the item Emergency Reinforcement -Removed the item 50 Stamina

Others - Optimized the Flag interface. - Optimized the appearance of the Castle Level 30. - Optimized Mail System. - The Brotherhood Invitation Code function is optimized to invitation links. - By shaking your device in the Alliance interface, you will be able to view recommended Alliances. - Adjusted the items which can be sent via the sealed letters.


Added new equipment: Dragonglass

  • Get crystal from the Ancient Battlefield and other upcoming cross-Kingdom events
  • Kill monsters at 500% more speed
  • Hit the item "Jonix" to upgrade your castle instantaneously
  • At the crystal shop in the tavern, you can exchange crystal against equipment-dragonglass
  • Dragonglass will give you an attributes bonus. The higher the level, the more attributes you will receive
  • Crystal shop repurchases for Dragonglass equipment 20% off

The Purify medusa Event has begun

  • Medusa will appear after the event starts.
  • Kill Medusa to obtain various runes
  • Different combinations of runes mean multiple types of rewards in the event center
  • You can refresh the exchange combinations to get a higher ratio. You can have 20 times rewards at most.
  • You can buy discounted rune package in the store

Castle Skin

  • Primary Castle Skin will only change the castle appearance inside the castle.
  • Shogun Castle skin now available.
  • More skins are being designed.

Optimized Traveling Merchant

  • Reduced the refresh price
  • More premium goods are available


  • Optimized the Tavern hint
  • Added Romanian language
  • The Dalton mode is available now. After turning on the mode in settings, enemy's march trails will turn blue (originally red)
  • Optimized the appearance of castle Lv. 30
  • Castle Lv. 9 is needed to collect in Alliance Super Mines.


The Qixi Festival Event has begun.

  • The Qixi Festival is a traditional festival in Eastern Asia. This event will begin on the 20th of August system time.
  • Gather resources to obtain Zhi Nu's gown
  • Kill monsters to obtain Niu Lang's reed pipe
  • Use the gown and reed pipe to get surprise rewards.
  • The gown and the reed pipe can be bought from the Traveling Merchant

The cost of the refresh in the Traveling Merchant will be significantly reduced.

Workshop optimization

  • Added a waiting queue so that materials can be made automatically and continuously.
  • You can quickly switch to the storage box now

Other optimization

  • Added 7-Day Peace Shield to the store now.
  • Optimized the tips for server network maintenance.
  • Castle Lv 6 is needed to unlock the Traveling Merchant.
  • Castle Lv 9 is needed to unlock the Market.
  • When upgrading buildings, you can view the unlocked functions
  • Added Arabic in Alliance languages


Daily Reward Function is available

View this function in Tavern

Optimized Traveling Merchant

Strengthened Newbie protection

When a relatively lower level castle is under attack, a certain proportion of troops will under protection

Other Optimization

Added night mode of the city

Optimized VIP interface


"Battle for the Throne" Optimizations

-The King has the right to assign 5 Conqueror Gifts, 10 Defender Gifts and 20 Supporter Gifts

-Added managing shortcut feature for the King

-Optimized the Appointment feature and added name search feature

-The Official position "Judge" has been changed to "Financial Officer"

Alliance Optimizations

-The Battle Report can be shared on the Alliance Channel

Language Optimizations and Adjustments

-Added Turkish, and other languages are coming soon


Battle for Throne is now open completely

For more details, please click "Help & Support" and check the "King and Palace" section in the FAQ

Language Optimizations and Adjustments

- Added Spanish, and other languages are coming soon


Alliance Store Optimizations:

-Added item level 1 soldier recruiting

-Added items 5-min and 8-hour speedup

Flag Optimization:

-Added numeric display of total traps

-Added capacity display of hospital

-Added description of food cost

Language Optimizations and Regulations

- Added French, and more languages will coming soon